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Mark & Yvette

"We feel so lucky to have such talented and genuinely lovely people photographing our wedding, as well as stunningly captured photos to treasure forever. We can't thank you both enough!"


Catherine, James & Baby Blaine

"Heidi, thank you so much for the excellent service and exquisite photographs you provided when capturing our little boy Blaine at ten days old." 

"exquisite photographs!"

Beth, Simon & Baby Ava

"Heidi is incredible! Takes amazing photos,it took everything for me not to cry at the viewing today. but Heidi is also a baby whisperer and parent whisperer really...made us all feel so relaxed.
also felt very safe with her covid measures!"

"baby whisperer!"

Jonny & Bluebell

"On the day of the wedding, they were great, never too in your face but present so that we felt completely assured they were there, snapping away in the background. They felt like friends at the wedding party who just happened to be taking photos."

"they were great!"


"Heidi was so calm and patient getting the lovely pictures which wasn't easy. I am so pleased with my lovely artwork and highly recommend
Maple & Fleur."

"lovely artwork!"

Sammie, Sam & Baby Jessica

"Heidi captured so many lovely photos, it was so hard to choose the ones we wanted at our viewing session. The photos were also so beautiful, it made us feel very emotional watching them all on a slideshow." 

"so beautiful!"

Matt & Megan

"We're so happy with how it went, the photos are absolutely incredible!
They speak for themselves."

"absolutely incredible!"

Kate & Mitchell

"I could not recommend Heidi enough! I was so nervous about the photoshoot.  I actually almost cried when we went back to view the pictures they were amazing!"

"i almost cried!"

Jennifer, George & Baby Sofia

"We had a fantastic photoshoot with our daughter at 13 days old. The images are so beautiful and will make such a special keepsake.
Heidi was so friendly and calming around our baby and it was a really lovely morning."

"fantastic photoshoot!"