Paul and Heidi Warren have been photographers operating out of the Bath area since 2011.

Growing up in Bath was always so special. The beautiful city, wonderful architecture and vibrant landscapes lead both of us to want to capture that little piece of the city for ourselves.

Starting as landscape and nature photographers we both loved capturing the world around us, but we wanted something more.

We thoroughly enjoy photographing couples and families. We love people, getting to know all of our clients and finding out about their story.

Meet Heidi & Paul

Our family and friends have our hearts. The moments and memories we share together are our favorite.


Charlie, our border collie, is very big part of our lives and we love walking with him and exploring new places.

Our fur baby

As photographers, we love to explore and photograph the UK. There is so much beauty right on our doorstep.

Exploring the Uk

As professional wedding photographers, romantic moments are simply our favorite.


What We Love Most:

I (Paul) first started my photography journey at sixth form in Bristol. My older brother did photography for his A levels and I wanted to see why he enjoyed it so much. When I started photography there was no fancy digital DSLRs or anything like that. We were strictly film only. It was fun getting to learn the art of taking your own negatives and then developing them and printing them by hand in the darkroom. I think this gave me a real grounding in the art of photography and helped me on my path to understanding how it all works. 

From sixth-form, I went on to study my degree in photography at Bath Spa University, and this is where I discovered the art of photographing people. This is where it all started for me. I learnt more about the technical side of photography and started to master my camera and lighting. I love getting to know, working with and photographing new people. 


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I (Heidi) first picked up the camera and found my love of photography when I started dating Paul, who never went anywhere without his camera. I quickly realised that I was soon going to become the third wheel on our dates if I didn’t pick up a camera and have a go at photography myself! And so my own photography journey began.

I soon discovered that I loved photographing people and capturing memories for them. The joy I get from watching a couple or new family, relive their memories and emotions all over again by looking through the photographs from their special day – whether that be their Newborn photography shoot, celebrating their Maternity bump or their beautiful Wedding day – just fills my heart to overflowing.

It is such a privilege when we are asked to capture those early moments and special memories. Your wedding day, or the first few weeks of your new baby’s life, are such a precious time for you and being able to capture those memories in wonderful artwork for you just makes me smile.



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A number of years ago we were in your shoes, planning our own wedding. As we planned our wedding, worked out all the timings, the details and our special touches, we looked forward to our day with increasing excitement. Choosing the right photographer was so important to us. We wanted someone who helped us feel at ease (we are not naturals in front of the camera!), who eased our stresses and worries about our special day and who would provide us with amazing photographs that captured our day and our personalities perfectly.

When we found the right photographer for us, we just knew. It had to be them.
2nd July 2011 rolled around and we can honestly say we don’t remember much from the wedding day. We don’t remember any stresses, any worries, or many specific details. But we can definitely say we remember how we felt on the day. And the photographs that we have to treasure? They help bring those memories and feelings back every time we look at them.

Maple and Fleur was birthed from a love of spending time with people, capturing their memories to pass onto the next generation, and helping others keep stress levels down on their wedding day by providing an excellent service. In a world of everything digital, we believe in the art of printed photographs. Something to hand down to your children and pour over on a rainy morning while you are tucked up in bed together. We want you to have peace of mind on your wedding day and to enjoy everything about it.



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I (Heidi) specialise in Newborn and Maternity photography. I’ve been photographing babies for almost 6 years now and absolutely love it. The squishy poses, cuddles and windy smiles I get while capturing precious, timless memories just make my heart sing!
It is such a privilege when parents ask me to capture those early moments of their little ones or to celebrate their bump in a Maternity shoot. These are such precious times for you and being able to capture those memories in wonderful artwork for you just makes me smile. I believe that every family should have the opportunity to enjoy beautiful images of their pregnancy and newborn.
I have been fully trained as a newborn photographer from the Newborn Art Academy in Swindon and I always update my training every year to ensure that I am at the top of my game. I also have an up to date DBS check for your own piece of mind.

Maternity & Newborns


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Photograph  Maternity and Newborns

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