Paul and Heidi Warren, the visionaries behind our lens, have been crafting stunning photography in the Bath area since 2011.

Our journey began amidst the splendor of Bath - a city that holds a special place in our hearts. Its breathtaking beauty, magnificent architecture, and vibrant landscapes inspired us to embark on a quest to encapsulate its essence.

Initially, we embarked on our photographic odyssey as landscape and nature enthusiasts, driven by the desire to capture the world's wonders. However, our hearts yearned for something more meaningful, and that's when we found our true calling - photographing couples and families. Our fascination with people and the captivating stories they bring to life fuels our passion. Every client becomes a part of our extended family, and we take joy in getting to know their unique stories and creating timeless memories together.

Meet Heidi & Paul

Our family and friends have our hearts. The moments and memories we share together are our favorite.


Charlie, our border collie, is very big part of our lives and we love walking with him and exploring new places.

Our fur baby

As photographers, we love to explore and photograph the UK. There is so much beauty right on our doorstep.

Exploring the Uk

As professional wedding photographers, romantic moments are simply our favorite.


What We Love Most:

My journey into the world of photography began during my time in sixth form in Bristol. The spark was ignited when I noticed my older brother's passion for photography, particularly during his A-level studies. I couldn't resist the curiosity to find out what made this art form so enjoyable for him. Back in those days, we didn't have the luxury of fancy digital DSLRs; our medium was strictly film. However, it was an exciting period as I delved into the craft, learning the intricacies of capturing my own negatives, the alchemy of developing them, and the art of hand-printing them in the darkroom. This hands-on experience laid a strong foundation in the art of photography, providing me with valuable insights into its inner workings.

My journey continued beyond sixth form, leading me to pursue a degree in photography at Bath Spa University. It was here that my true passion for photographing people blossomed. This marked the beginning of a remarkable chapter in my photographic journey. I delved deeper into the technical aspects of photography, mastering my camera and the nuances of lighting. What I cherish most is the opportunity to connect with, work alongside, and photograph a diverse array of individuals. Each new encounter is a unique experience, and it's through these interactions that I discovered my love for capturing the essence of people through my lens.


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I (Heidi) embarked on my photography journey under rather charming circumstances. It all began when I started dating Paul, who had a camera as a constant companion. It didn't take long for me to realize that I might soon find myself as the 'third wheel' on our dates if I didn't join in the photography adventures! And thus, my personal journey into the world of photography was set into motion.

As I delved deeper into this art, I discovered my passion for photographing people and preserving their cherished memories. There's an indescribable joy that fills my heart when I witness couples and new families reliving their special moments and emotions by perusing the photographs from their significant days. Whether it's the captivating innocence of a Newborn photography session, celebrating the radiant glow of an expectant mother during a Maternity shoot, or immortalizing the beauty of a couple's Wedding day, my heart overflows with happiness.

Having the privilege of capturing these early moments and precious memories is an honor like no other. Your wedding day and the first few weeks of your newborn's life hold immense significance, and to transform these moments into splendid artwork for you brings an everlasting smile to my face.



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Not too long ago, we stood exactly where you stand now, deep in the throes of planning our own wedding. With each meticulous detail, every thought on timing, and the addition of our special touches, our anticipation for the big day grew stronger by the moment. In this whirlwind of preparations, choosing the right photographer was paramount to us. We yearned for someone who could put us at ease (as we weren't the most camera-savvy couple), alleviate the stresses and worries that inevitably come with a special day, and, most importantly, deliver extraordinary photographs that perfectly encapsulated both our day and our personalities.

When we finally discovered the photographer who resonated with us, it was an instant connection. There was no doubt; it had to be them.

July 2, 2011, marked our wedding day, and looking back, we can honestly say that the specifics of the day have faded into a blur. The worries and stresses are but distant memories. Yet, one thing remains as vivid as ever—the sheer joy and love that surrounded us that day. And it's our treasured photographs that evoke those feelings and memories every time we revisit them.

Out of our love for spending time with people, capturing their invaluable memories to pass on to future generations, and helping others keep their stress levels in check on their wedding day through impeccable service, Maple and Fleur was born. In a world saturated with digital content, we remain firm believers in the power of printed photographs—keepsakes to be cherished and passed down to your children. Imagine the joy of poring over these memories on a rainy morning, wrapped up in bed together. Our mission is simple: we want you to experience peace of mind on your wedding day and relish every single moment of it.



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I (Heidi) have truly found my calling in the world of Newborn and Maternity photography. Over the past nearly six years, I've been blessed to capture the magic of babies through my lens, and I can honestly say it's a love affair that only grows stronger with time. There's something absolutely enchanting about those squishy poses, the warm cuddles, and those precious, wind-induced smiles that melt my heart every time.

It's an immense privilege when parents entrust me with the task of capturing those early moments of their little ones or celebrating the radiant beauty of their baby bump through a Maternity shoot. These are moments of pure, unadulterated magic for you, and having the ability to immortalize them into stunning artwork brings boundless joy to my heart. I firmly believe that every family should have the opportunity to treasure these beautiful images of their pregnancy and newborn.

In my pursuit of excellence, I've received comprehensive training as a newborn photographer from the prestigious Newborn Art Academy in Swindon. I make it a point to continuously update my skills every year, ensuring that I stay at the pinnacle of my craft. Your peace of mind is of paramount importance, and I possess an up-to-date DBS check to provide you with the utmost reassurance.

Maternity & Newborns


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