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Alright, let’s get started! Ok maybe you shouldn’t completely ignore your photographer, but the majority of your photos should be about the two of you. When you look at your wedding and engagement photos, you’ll want to remember how you felt that day, not how you were posed.
Unless you’re a professional model, constantly interacting with the camera will cause you to look stiff and unnatural. interacting with your spouse will make your true self come to life.

Relax! Focus on your significant other. Laugh with them, be lost in the moment with them, and do your best to let everything else fade away. We promise, if you follow this tip, you will have beautiful photos that you love for years to come.

Strut your Stuff

We all want to highlight our best features. the best way to do this is to bring any part of your body that you love or want to highlight, closer to the camera.
Love your eyes?
Lean your head slightly towards the camera and tilt your chin slightly down to cause your eyes to open more.
Love your hair?
make sure it’s blown-out or nicely styled and stays more in front of your shoulders than behind.

Love your shoulders?

Don’t be afraid to throw a little sass at the camera and do some cute over-the-shoulder poses!

Want to show off your waistline?
Make sure your hands aren’t flat by your sides. bring your arms and elbows ever so slightly away from your waistline so the camera can clearly see it.

Be your own photoshop

This tip is exactly the opposite of the previous one. Any parts that you want to downplay or that you want to appear slimmer should be moved away from the camera.
Objects that are further away from the camera are perceived as smaller than they are.

want slimmer arms?
be sure to always have a slight bend in your elbows and bring your elbow towards the back rather than out to the side.

not a fan of your hips?
I hear ya girl! just stand slightly sideways instead of dead-on to the camera and lean on your back leg (causing the one closed to the camera to bend). not only will this make your hips look smaller, but you’ll love the sexy curve it gives your whole body.

Chin out, not up or down

This may be one of the biggest mistakes we see people make in wedding and engagement pictures. Many people want to avoid having a double chin so they lift their chin up. All that does is show the camera more of the neck you’re trying to hide. Occasionally, people will do the opposite and tilt then chin down. Unfortunately, this can emphasize any extra neck skin.

try this:
Pretend you’re a turtle and pop your head out of your shell. Try to create as much space as possible between the front of your shoulders and the back of your jaw, almost like a chicken does during his cluck-cluck head bob. Bringing your face closer to the camera while keeping your body and shoulder where they are may feel completely weird, but it will make you look amazing!

Like ad trust your photographer

You may not have thought about this before, but your photographer is the supplier that you spend the most time with before, during and after your wedding. Not only do you have to trust them with your precious wedding memories and trust that they know all the above secrets to make you look amazing, but you should like them too!

Imagine (or actually do it!) going out for a coffee or a drink with your photographer. Do you think you’d like to hang out with them? Does he or she seem like a person that can handle stressful situations with ease and grace? If so, then you’ve struck gold!

Have you found your dream photographer?

Here’s a secret that no one will tell you. Your wedding photos are not for you.
Sure you’ll enjoy them, hang them on your walls, and relive your wedding day while sipping on champagne and eating the rest of your wedding cake on your first anniversary. But there’s more to it than that.

Your wedding photos are for your children to discover one day. For your grandchildren to learn how your story (and theirs) began. They’re part of the legacy that will forever live in your family. We hope to create that legacy for you and make you look even more amazing too!


Five tips that will help you look your best in your wedding photos.

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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